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So, since advanced, or even basic graphics ain't happening for some time now, (decided to reinstall windows with 64 bit while im at it) I got a bit more into phone games. My most recent aquisition is IMPOSSIBLE ROAD.
Here,s the review I gave it.

Remember that one slide minigame every single Playstation One game apparently needed? Remember how the worst thing was dying because some stupid death zone prevents you from jumping off the side and on the much more advanced lower slide?

Yeah, that is this game.
You Ball a ball and for the sake of comedy I shall refer to most verbs as "Ballin". You start the game and have a title. After Ballin that title you are immediatly Balled into a scene of you Ballin down a weird blue white toothed slide.
You then realize, that this is not a tutorial of some sort but the game and Ball to your death. Then you are asked if you would like to Ball again. If you Ball on the screen, the game Balls up again and you can try to Ballure out the controls.

You Ball the ball by Balling on either the left or right side of the screen. Since the developer went with a minimalistic approach, other options have been Balled out. You can Ball the music away or all the sound, however just Balling to the music for leisure aint happening, since I dont Ballin know why! Having Balled this game for a bit now I can tell you, that aint Ballin it. I need more control over my ball, if you expect me to Ball down a white abyss of slides with varying width and physical integrity.
Yes, physical integrity. While Ballin along the side of the slide, careful not to loose my Ball-ance, I slid into the slide and Balled to my death.
So, because it needs some fixing and I cant control my ball, I give this game two outta five.

Also, Ball is life. (I had to)

As you can possibly tell, I had my fun with this one. Mostly with replacing verbs with variations of "ballin".
Now I'd like to add to that review. I was looking forward to this one. I know, this is a bit weird, since I only found and downloaded it today but I watched the trailer on the page and was a tad exited.
Since I was put in my current situation (computer ded) my phone was the only device for video games that wouldn't require me to lock my mother into a closet. (Im talking about her watching bad tv shows calm down)
But yeah, as I downloaded this game, I was looking forward to the main feature, which turned out to be the biggest flaw of the game: falling.
I did propably not emphasize this enough in the review, but that is the main feature mentioned on the download page. That feature got trashed with the general physics of the game. You have momentum, which builds up, but you are always rolling down the slide. That means even with a 20 meter drop, your momentum will go in the direction, the slide wants you to. In addition to that, you seem to get slower, the longer you fall, which may just be my mind playing tricks on me.

That is what I gave two stars out of five to.


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