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Since I now do a lot of the stuff I do on the internet from my tablet, which I do not want, there are efforts to get my computer fixed and ready for takeoff. Here is what works so far:

Dwarf fortress Yes, the newest version of dwarf fortress works like it used to. What does not work however is getting my elven ass out of that damn cavern system…
Cortex command How? Why? How the f*ck?I don't know. It just does and it is good.
Watching cat videos on youtube Or any other kinda web video. Next!
Game boy advance emulation Not like I actually use it, with me not having a controller rebindable emulator. One day I will put colorful stickers on the keyboard or something.
Basic roguelikes dwarf fortress doesn't count as basic so I mentioned it seperate. And now I only need to figure the different controls out and then I need to figure out how to…

So, thats all fine and dandy but what does not work?

Well for starters windows live movie maker. Come to think of it, I did not yet test the old XP version but yeah, editing is out for now.
Then there is the whole issue with everything that has anything remotely resembling "graphics" even on the most basic levels. I mean come on fricking creeper world and Faster than light? How?
Streaming doesnt work either, because you need graphic drivers for that. Who'dve thunk it
Also, if I try the one thing that would usually fix it, also known as "Installing the fricking graphic drivers you gibbon" I get a black screen on bootup. As in not even windows.

In other words: I am currently mastering dwarf fortress survival (in adventure mode) and watching the tsutomu nihei anime which I just found out about.
yay niheh.


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