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so, yeah, well…

I guess there's gonna be a lot of times where I do these… Im not all that good in this blog stuff, I guess. Anyways:

My pc: Still fucked but now I can emulate nintendo ds, so I can work on preparing that one video I planned. It involves a succubus, a special knife, a specific piece of wall, a panther and possibly energy balls. You know, that wall…
Also, gonna put a better bios in and make drivers work so that my graphics card doesn't screw my pc up again.
Thats how I remember the explanation.
Pc's are hard. Advice is very welcome.

Preparations are complete, pc completely f*cked. I instead chose to get through Final Fantasy 9 to make a video on that. Still have the succubus thing prepared and ready though.

Anyways, since my pc is screwed over, its not gonna do anything about the lack of videos. This tablet is dying though, so the blog entries may stop.
Was dying for about a year though so may not or whatever. Who thought it would be a good idea to have tabs reload each time they are changed?

Gonna recommend some music here, because thats how I find music.
People recommending me music, not the other way around. That would be silly.
I would put a youtube link here but rules and regulations ya know?

So, check out the Gorillaz. Other people might say stuff like "How could you miss them" or "You didn't even listen to music" or "I AM DEAF BECAUSE I LISTENED TO THEM TOO MUCH AND STILL DONT HAVE ENOUGH" but seeing how I myself missed them somehow, im just gonna get the recommendation out there.

Gorillaz, one R, two L and a Z. The Z is what makes the google search with this one, so beware of actual grammar.


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