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Fourteen is the name of a manga, which appears to be dealing with the general planetary issue of us humans not giving a shit about it.

The sound of footsteps has been translated as [Peta].

Thats all folks!

written by rokonuxa

All jokes aside, the main plot follows a chicken named George.
I stumbled upon this gem, searching for a nice and relaxing read. Something to get my mind off of the scientific horrors I am confronted with as a regular reader of the SCP-wiki. Needless to say, I failed gloriously.
"Fourteen" takes place in a world where greenpeace was right all along and nobody gave two shits about animal diversity, toxic gas and overpopulation. At least the poles are still frozen. Either that, or it has just not been mentioned yet. Hard to keep track with all the green sins in this one. Basically, chickens are manufactured ready for consumption. This happens with a weird stem cell (?) pool, which just gets a bit of chicken cells. These are grown with nutritious powder,1

brb finish l8er WIP


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