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Its bad alright. I know that. There are two versions of Windows Movie maker that I know.
I use both of them. And I feel bad for it. But there is more to it than me not wanting to buy/pirate sony vegas.

First of all, the two versions of Windows Movie Maker. You should know the basics of them before I start.

Windows Movie Maker Live

A piece of software shit that keeps on crashing and has little to none control over its functions. I can be glad that it even has basic zoom control and a "cutting" function.
It works in "blocks" of video, which means that I cannot drag and merge clips.
If you dont know what that means, lets just say thats bad. Its like just having one half of a scissor.
And it crashes each time I start to render right after editing. I've gotten used to saving before rendering and thus it does'nt affect my work all that much bu- [Crash]
But its annoying nonetheless.
Also, lets do the time warp again.
0,25 x speed
0,50 x speed
1 x speed
2 x speed
4 x speed
8 x speed
16 x speed
32 x speed
64 x speed
Choose one. That is all the selection you have in that manner. I say if you have the field to type a number, It should do something. This is pretty bad.

Now lets jump into the older piece of shit.
That is now a sentence I typed at least once. I was hoping to prevent that.

Windows Movie Maker 2.6
I will forever call it Windows Movie Maker XP but whatever

This is a hard one. Quality is key. You cant just keep making 640 x 320 videos.
This means that you cannot keep using Windows Movie Maker 2.6/XP.
However, I found a fix for that. More on that later.
If you use Windows Movie Maker XP, you enter a dangerous area. We all know the "Dark Side" of youtube, where "paralyzer" and white text on blue background rule.
here is an example: beware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGvAW_WGl9U

Take a minute. Breathe in… and then out…
Dont worry, that video was made as a joke. There is a lot of context, which is good I guess.

Windows Movie Maker XP has a drag and drop system AND a block system. You can merge clips by pushing them into each other and then use a transition on them.
That is good.
It has a huge drop in sound quality.
that ís bad.
It is easy to use.
That is good.
Effects are very basic and have no options.
That is bad.
It has this badass film grain filter, which is good for slender videos and similar.
That is good?
Rainbow filter.
That is Shit.

That is pretty much the gist of it. I cannot use Windows Movie maker live because of my broken graphic drivers and FUCK dropping quality in Windows Movie maker 2.6.

But I fixed that last one.

Basically, Videos incoming.

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Happy times


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