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Someone stop me please
This was formed in the petri dish of boring school classes.
There is a drawing of the SNS and Refriezinator on the back of one of the work sheets, which spawned this abomination of fiction.
i am sorry.

Special needs sayayin. Has a short hobobeard. is bald. Gains power by the feeling of a court managed divorce. power level increases with depression/surpressed anger

Special needs sayayin 1: She took the dog

Special needs sayayin 2: She took the house

Special needs sayayin 3: She took the car

Special needs sayayin Mormon Jesus: She took the booze

The hobobeard grows filthier with each level. Special needs does not refer to the usual use of the term but instead points out that it is literally just a sayayin with special needs.

Refreezinator. Gains power by stepdancing really bad. The less rhythm, the more it kicks ass. Doesn't do shit, because he cant think of an attack that can be used by his character. he exclaims this each "fight" in distress.

can transform at will.

Refreezinator 1: tophat and stick wielding robot.

Refreezinator 2: tophat is slightly bigger.

Refreezinator 3: two sticks. drops one stick immediately.

Refreezinator 4: literally the terminator. gets copyright strike and leaves. never used again.

Refreezinator 5: a toaster. stays that way. gets carried around by sayayim until wife takes it with her.

Drachencubes. Theres fifteen of them. two are needed for the ritual.

The ritual consists of sacrificing a bottle of booze by smashing the cube into it. manly tears must fall here. level of dragon increases with number of cubes.

Level 1: blimp. (vinesauce logo on side)
Level 2: littlefoot
Level 3: Barney
Level 4: Djinn who wants to grant 3 wishes but gets sent away for not being a dragon.
Level 5: a single dragonball. gets traded in for more booze
Level 6:

thats as far as i am. i will update on any "story" ""developements"" or abandonments.
1: I have some more text on my usb stick, which finishes the drackencube level list, but have no device with net, which also has a usb port.


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